2022 VVL Team Trials
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Grand Finals Game Times & Duties

Games for this round are being played on Saturday 27 August, 2022 unless otherwise noted by the use of SUN to indicate a Sunday game.
Good News! The fixture for Grand Finals is up to date
Last updated: August 23, 2022 at 2:54 pm
TeamMatch DutyLinks
Junior Girls 1 KVA JG1-KVA12:00pm vs McKinnon Volley @ SVC Show CourtN/ATBA
Reserves Men 2 RM212:00pm vs Latrobe @ SVC Crt 2N/ATBA
Premier Women 1 PW12:00pm vs Renegades @ SVC Show CourtN/ATBA
Premier Women 2 PW2N/AN/ATBA
Premier Men 1 PM1N/AN/ATBA
Premier Men 2 PM2NA9:00am
@ SVC Crt 3
Reserves Women 1 RW1N/AN/ATBA
Reserves Men 1 Red RM1-RedN/AN/ATBA
Reserves Men 1 White RM1-WhiteN/AN/ATBA
Reserves Men 2 KVA RM2-KVAN/AN/ATBA
Reserves Men 3 Red RM3-RedN/AN/ATBA
Reserves Men 3 White RM3-WhiteN/AN/ATBA
Junior Girls 1 JG1NAN/ATBA
Junior Boys 1 JB1NAN/ATBA
Junior Boys 2 KVA JB2-KVAN/AN/ATBA
Junior Girls 2 KVA JG2-KVAN/AN/ATBA
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