2022 VVL Team Trials
I want to play!

Thank you to everyone who attended our trials for the 2021 State League season. We’re excited to announce the names of players who have made the training squad. These training squads are subject to further changes and will be finalised during preseason. We thank you for your patience and congratulate those who have been selected.

If your name is on a training squad, click here to read some important information.

What to do if you didn’t make it?

If your name has not been listed, we thank you for attending our trials and hope to see you again next year!

As a club, we endeavour to provide our players with the best possible support and experience. Therefore, the number of players we take on and teams we enter into the State League competition is based on the availability of coaches and resources.

If you are under the age of 17 and don’t find your name below, we encourage you to participate in KVA Future Stars led by coach Karl Lim, to develop your strength and volleyball skills over the course of this year, in preparation for the 2022 season.

If you are over the age of 17 and don’t find your name below, we encourage you to continue playing social volleyball to further develop your skills and understanding of volleyball, in preparation for the 2022 season.

Please note, coaches are working on the below lists and we will continue to update this page.


Women’s Premier DIV 1
Emily Vo
Froncis Tavai
Krista Whitewood
Emma Toleafoa
Jamilla Bernal
Louise Bates
Lauren Cox
Kesinee Lithawat
Chelsea Rooseboom
Tanesha Hosking-Mani

Women’s Premier DIV 2
Mala Touch
Alisha So
Jenny Le
Michelle Vong
Joycelyn Chang
Annabelle Le
Erin Maxwell
Nuria Carbonell Rivela
Nadja Damjanovic
Alyssa Jacobs
Zena Lega Frost
Sina Tagaloa

Women’s Reserve DIV 1 & 2
Teodora Kocic
Felicia Stott
Sara Calabro
Hildred Haworth
Amelia Hall
Venezia Vaine Keu
Sonia Calabro
Alice Futi
Yolande Stowers
Marijana Nikic
Fia Kaleopa
Talia Roebeck (Training Player)

Junior Girls
Kiara Nguyen
Allirah Kardum
Jenny Zhang
Sophia Supnet
Rafaela Sampani
Alia Khan
Anita Bulovic
Monira Rahimi
Angel Faifili
Esther Tukuafu
Jovana Zelic
Hanna Wang (Training Player)
Kaylee Hawkes (Training Player)


Men’s Premier DIV 1 & 2
Bojan Pajdic
Jason Sam
Lachlan Diamond
Les Kosem
Peter Nguyen
William Ireton
Andy Nguyen
Xavio Chow
Val Toleafoa
Felix Portmann
Frank Rezaei
Nick Cheung
Sovannpeaktra Hab
Titi TJ Magele
Tommy Phan
Trent Hill
Ali Hosseini
Mia Umaga
Henry Seuava (Training Player)
Percy Su

Men’s Reserve DIV 1 & 2
Lawrence Dumalag
Kevin Wong
Phan Nguyen
Cao Nhan Lam
Andy Nguyen
James Slaughter
Phuyen Nguyen
Brandon Nguyen
Fernando Nhem
Minh Nguyen
Winston Som
Nicolas Villegas
Brandon Doan
Daniel Le
Elhanan Bubu Filipaina
Kevin Zhao
Paul Nguyen
Anthony Bui
Calvin Graunke
Mehdi Noori
Reginald Comeros
Sovannchetra Hab
Son Dang
Derek Lim
Mohd Adam Mohd Pattali
Jimmy Nguyen
Ali Asghari
Jordan Svay
Martin Nguyen
Raimi Syam
Alan Pan
Ethan Le
Daniel Puan
Caleb Teah
Vincent Ang
Raymond Chang
Nathan Te
Dulhan Karunaratne
Michael Taing
Isaac Lega Frost
Alex Tek
Marquise Kouch
Samnang Chea
Nathan Tran
Terryn Kouch
Andy Doan

Junior Boys
Borei Chhun
Nicholas Stark
Jimmy Eng
Leighton Maxwell
Jaylan Flavell
Jericho Paguio
Zahir Lizama
Ethan Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen
Noah Lippman
Yecheng Aaron Zhou
Hokly Taing
Tristan Andrew
Kevin Huynh
Kenny Tran (Training Player)

If you have any questions or queries, be sure to contact us here or via our Facebook page.